AURA Collection was born from the desire to combine elegance and design with quality, using the touch of human workmanship. The collection is inspired by the Greek - Roman culture, and draws on unusual aesthetic canons, coming from the world of plants and fashion.

New ergonomic shapes which, combined with each other and enriched by an eclectic touch, create a uniqueness in the context of contemporary furnishings, making this collection exclusive and full of details. Its name, in the ancient Latin language, is synonymous with lightness, breath, fragrance and light, and this is the visual principle that gives the collection, lightness to the eye, exclusive design, and high comfort, a natural sensual embrace.

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The names of the various elements that make up the collection come from Greek-Roman mythology, the intention is to mark the expressive power of their contemporary design, linking them to the timeless classic tradition.

The refined proportions and the combination of the various materials follow the intention of creating a new interpretation of contemporary furniture. Wood, metal, leather, marble and fabric find in it a new expressive language, and enhances every single constructive element that composes it.

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