Introducing the Iconic Zoo Collection Part One by Ary Juwono, where furniture design is inspired by the shapes, habitats, and colors of animals. This collection is known for its iconic and highly detailed designs. In Part One, you will find three remarkable pieces: The Mantis Chair, Oryx Sofa, and Elefant Dining Table.

The Mantis Chair draws inspiration from the elegant and agile form of a praying mantis. It features sleek lines and a curved backrest that mimics the insect's slender body. The chair's legs are designed to resemble the mantis's long, slender limbs. The overall aesthetic of the Mantis Chair captures the grace and poise of this remarkable creature.

Taking cues from the Oryx, a magnificent antelope known for its striking horns and graceful presence, the Oryx Sofa embodies strength and beauty. The sofa's silhouette mirrors the Oryx's sleek and streamlined body, while the armrests curve elegantly like the antelope's iconic horns. The color palette used in the upholstery reflects the sandy hues of the Oryx's natural habitat.

Inspired by the majestic and intelligent elephant, the Elefant Dining Table showcases a combination of strength and sophistication. The table's legs mimic the sturdy pillars of an elephant, while its tabletop features intricate carvings that represent the animal's intricate skin texture. The color scheme draws from the earthy tones found in the elephant's environment, creating a harmonious and organic design.