Product Designers

Our product designers are experts in their field and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. They use a range of design tools and techniques to develop prototypes, test and refine their designs, and ensure that every product is functional, visually appealing and user-friendly.

We value our product designers and their contributions to our business. They are a critical component of our success and play a vital role in creating collections that stand out in the market.

At Blackwood, we believe that collaboration is key to creating great products. Our product designers work closely with our Craftsmen, marketing and sales teams, and other stakeholders to ensure that every product we create meets our high standards of quality and performance.

We are always looking for talented and passionate product designers to collaborate with us and help us continue our journey of creating outstanding collections that are loved by customers around the world.


Starting a career in the fashion industry in 1990, followed by great achievements in the advertising and film industries, before finally practicing interior and product design, undoubtedly Ary Juwono has keen eyes for detail. His design is always fashionable, artistic, and even has cinematic quality.

He does not repeat the same style in his projects to create element of surprise and add a hint of suspense. "Just like a movie, we often find plot twist and mixed emotions towards the end," explains Ary who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in Interior Design.


Italian designer, Sebastiano Zilio has built his professionalism through a training unrelated to academic paths, leaving him free from pre-established schemes.

 His poetic interpretation of design combined with the innate curiosity to combine different shapes and materials, has allowed him to generate stylistic lines that recall a new form of elegance, making his works free to be inserted in different contexts.  Subtraction and addition is their key to understanding, in a continuous search to balance these two concepts that draw from the rich historicity of art, and from the artisan tradition.

  Sebastiano Zilio, has collaborations with various Italian and Asian production brands, in the sectors of product design, fashion and art. He is present with two studios, one in Italy and one in Indonesia, focused on Interior design, and Product Design.


Blackwood's internal product design studio.

BW studio's main objective is to create innovative and unique products that not only meet the needs of customers but also surpass their expectations. BW studio focuses on every aspect of product design, from conceptualization to prototyping and testing, to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality. We use the latest technology and materials to develop products that are functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. The team also takes environmental sustainability seriously and incorporates eco-friendly practices in their design process. With a customer - centric approach and a commitment to excellence, BW studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional products that enhance people's lives.


Designerd is a design duo that comes from different design backgrounds. They combine their experiences from both Asian and European design traditions to create furniture, objects, and graphic designs that work well together. At the heart of Designerd's approach lies their skill in finding the perfect balance between making things look artistic and ensuring they serve a practical purpose. They pay close attention to the details, using various shapes, forms, and materials to express their individual creative ideas.